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Hello, and welcome to Four Fox Sake. 

I'm Hannah, I'm 37 and in my 19th year of being a parent. I have 4 wonderfully weird and wildly different children; Joe (18), Jess (17), Emily (10) and Ruby (8). These guys are the reason I wake up every morning, and the reason I'm never asleep before midnight. 

I'm not very good at writing about myself, so as Emily is off school after having her tonsils out, I got her to write about me in her own words...

"A middle-aged woman, who has wobbly bits and an unstable bank account, who is obsessed with the beach and driving her beetle, and likes cake, cats, coffee and Hopper from Stranger Things."

And to be fair to her, that's pretty accurate. 

I've been a teenage parent, a married parent, a divorced parent, a single parent, a working parent, a stay at home parent, a re-married parent, a step-parent and a separated parent. 

There have been huge highs, deep lows and a lot of laughter. But. Although this is a parenting blog, it's not a manual. It's an honest (and sweary) account of our family life. 

Like me, our life is pretty bipolar : its either hysterical or dramatic. 

I'll let you decide which is which...

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